Tree of Life Seminar

This 6-day seminar is now available in the US and internationally! If your church or organization wants to be equipped to address current and underlying emotional, relation, and spiritual challenges by  encountering Jesus, this course is for you!

Previous participants shared:

 “My encounter with Jesus has changed my life and attitude. It has influences my thinking and perspective greatly. I give God the glory!”

“Connecting with Jesus was the most helpful part because I was able to forgive after a lifetime of bitterness. I am now free from that sorrow; I have peace and joy.”

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Other Training and Seminars

Looking for a speaker for your church or organization? I offer seminars, workshops, and motivational/biblical speaking.

General Topics:

  • Sharing in suffering (e.g. receiving and offering comfort, dealing with grief/loss, faith in trials)
  • Caring for missionaries and MKs (e.g. pre-field preparation, on field support, re-entry)
  • Trauma response (e.g. Psychological First Aid, treatment, compassion fatigue, Immanuel Approach)
  • International transitions (e.g. preparation for families, helping others in transition)


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Previous Presentations

Trauma and Suffering

Tree of Life: Finding Healing and Growth in Jesus. Three week program training leaders. Amman, Jordan (October, 2017)

Tree of Life: Finding Healing and Growth in Jesus. Six-day workshop training leaders. Pasadena, CA (September, 2017)

Human Crises and Trauma (Course). Training students at ECWA Theological Seminary. Kagoro, Nigeria (July, 2017)

Healing the Wounds of Trauma. Seminar for trauma healing and in initial facilitator equipping. La Mirada, CA (January, 2017).

Tree of Life (Course). Training students at ECWA Theological Seminary. Kagoro, Nigeria (July, 2016)

Tree of Life (Workshop). Six-day workshop training leaders. Jos, Nigeria (February, 2016)

Psychological First Aid. All-day seminar provided at the ECWA Theological Seminary. Kagoro, Nigeria (March, 2015)

Sharing in Suffering, Comforting with Compassion. Invited presentation for ECWA Theological Seminary. Kagoro, Nigeria (September, 2014).

Understanding and Treating Trauma. Invited presentation at Caribbean Graduate School of Theology. Kingston, Jamaica. With Moriarty, G., Hervey, E. G., Shaler, L., & Sierra, T.  (October, 2009)

Trauma Team to South Africa: Educating, Equipping, & Encouraging. Invited presentation for “7 M’s” breakfast. Virginia Beach, VA (August, 2009).


Missionary Care and International Transitions

Evaluating and Equipping: Promoting Hardiness and Healthy Roots. Invited presentation for pre-field staff at Frontiers, Phoenix, AZ (December 2014).

Ready for Re-Entry. Invited presentation for staff at Rift Valley Academy, Kijabe, Kenya (May, 2013).

Transitions! Invited presentation at the Missionary Kid Re-Entry Seminar. Seattle, WA (July, 2011).

Preparing for International Departure: Equipping Families to Thrive, Not Just Survive. Presented as Families in Global Transition in Washington, D.C. (March 2010).

MK’s in College: Transition and Adjustment. Workshop taught at Missionary Kids Caregivers Consultation in Kansas City, MO. (April, 2008).

Where is Home? Understanding, Appreciating, and Supporting Third Culture Kids. Cultural Diversity Luncheon Presentation at Regent University. Virginia Beach, VA. (January, 2009).

Member Care: Serving Others who Serve God Overseas. Invited presentation for “7 M’s” breakfast. Virginia Beach, VA (January, 2009). 

Cultural Transition During Childhood and Adjustment to College. Poster presentation at the Western Psychological Association Convention in Vancouver, B.C., Canada. (May, 2007).


Other Presentations

Equipping Leaders Conference. Three day seminar. Uganda (July, 2017)

Immanuel: Discovering Life in Jesus. Two-day seminar at ECWA Theological Seminary, Kagoro, Nigeria (February 2015).

Firmly Rooted: Establishing Healthy Psychological, Relational, and Spiritual Roots (3 part series). Guest speaker in chapels at ECWA Theological Seminary, Kagoro, Nigeria (February 2015).

Introduction of a New Academic Journal: Journal of Cross-Cultural Family Studies. Presented at annual Families in Global Transition Research Network Meeting (March, 2012).


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