The Tree of Life

A New Model for Life

Have you ever wondered why the Bible starts and ends with “the Tree of Life”? Or thought about how trees, roots, branches, and fruits are referenced in Psalms, prophecies, parables, and epistles?

by Emily Hervey

In our modern colloquialisms we talk about “branching out,” looking at the “root” of the problem, and seeking to be “fruitful.”

Trees are a rich symbol of ongoing growth; rather than reaching a peak and declining, we see their trunk expanding with another ring each year, their roots deepening, their leaves and fruit proliferating, and their branches expanding.

There are key components to living an abundant life:

  • Connecting with the Source of Life
  • Discovering your own identity
  • Finding places for growth
  • Encountering healing from hurt and trauma
  • Growing in relationships with others

The Tree of Life model is about thriving, not just surviving, and helping others do the same. It addresses brokenness and trauma as part of one’s history, a place to find healing.

The Tree of Life Seminar

This 6-day seminar is now available in the US and internationally! If your church or organization wants to be equipped to address current and underlying emotional, relational, and spiritual challenges by encountering Jesus, this course is for you!

Previous participants shared:

 “My encounter with Jesus has changed my life and attitude. It has influenced my thinking and perspective greatly. I give God the glory!”

“Connecting with Jesus was the most helpful part because I was able to forgive after a lifetime of bitterness. I am now free from that sorrow; I have peace and joy.” 

“The training added to my faith as an individual. More so, my encounter with God has lifted the burden of always wanting to play the ‘expert’ role in counseling and helping others. I now understand that Jesus is in the driver’s seat and it’s all about what he can do, not what I can do.”

“You took me simply back to the Scripture, back to what I needed to be doing all this while. If one is a Christian he should ensure that he is always remaining with Christ; he shouldn’t allow circumstances to be a barrier… This is what the training is helping me to know—that I need to always keep Christ as first in my life; and if I can always go back to Christ, there will always be a way out. I have learned to stop, stay calm, be quiet, and listen to Jesus.”

Recent Seminars:

October 2017: Amman, Jordan

September 2017: Pasadena, CA

July, 2017: Kagoro, Nigeria


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